Lake County Sheriff\

Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell

The Community Engagement Unit is an integral part of the Lake County Sheriff's Office. Their mission is to heighten security and safety awareness through education and community involvement.

Currently operating programs include:
  • 911 Cellular Telephone Program: cellular phones are issued to qualifying victims of domestic violence
  • Bloodhound scent kit: In the event that a loved one with a cognitive disorder, a young child or any other resident who may be prone to wandering is found to be missing, Scent Kits can save a life.
  • Citizens On Patrol: (C.O.P.) Citizens On Patrol. Volunteers, serving, assisting patrol division and Marine Patrol Division
  • Electronic Engraving: Engrave your valuables with your Florida driver's license number to deter burglars and also prove ownership should the article be stolen and recovered by law enforcement.
  • Explorer Post 60: a youth division of the Lake County Sheriff's Office. This program is sanctioned and chartered by Learning for Life.
  • Home and Business Security: teaching citizens how to safeguard their homes and business property.
  • Lockbox Program: Intended to provide Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) access to your residence in the event of an emergency where you are unable to open the door.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Neighborhood Crime Watch
  • SafetyNet: A commercial product designed to locate victim's of Alzheimer's Disease who wander
  • Safety: includes bike safety, boating safety, hurricane preparedness, personal safety for children and adults, and various other topics on safety
  • Senior Watch: a program where seniors, who live alone and do not have someone who checks on them, are contacted daily to ensure their well-being. Emergency assistance may be dispatched if necessary.
  • Sheriff's Citizen Academy: A 13-week program to build a better understanding between citizens and the law enforcement community through education.
  • Vial-of-Life: Designed for seniors and individuals with a medical condition to provide pertinent medical information to responding emergency personnel
  • Volunteer Program: Click here to find out more about our volunteer program.