SafetyNet is a bracelet designed to help locate persons who suffer from a cognitive disorder (such as Alzheimem's, Dementia or Autism) and are prone to wander away. The bracelet contains a radio transmitter with a frequency unique to each client. Should the client wander off deputies may utilize special tracking equipment to locate them. On average, a person who is wearing a SafetyNet transmitter is usually found in under 30 minutes.

To qualify for the program clients must:

  • Reside in Lake County
  • No longer drive
  • Not live alone/have a full-time caretaker

The Safety Net program is offered free of charge to citizens in Lake County. If a loved one may benefit from SafetyNet please contact the Lake County Sheriff's Office Community Engagement Unit at (352) 326-8108. You can also send an email to communityengagement@lcso.org. A program coordinator will collect pertinent information for registration and a bracelet will be assigned. One enrolled in the program a Lake County Sheriff's Office representative will check with the client and caretaker once per month to keep the equipment maintained and answer any questions.