INTEGRITY: We value the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards. Integrity implies honesty, truthfulness, honor, veracity and reliability.

PROFESSIONALISM: We value the skill and competence exhibited by a highly trained professional, characterized by pride, self-discipline, a thirst for higher education, and a customer service oriented approach.

PEOPLE: We value all people. Our relationships with others should be respectful and fair. By valuing people, we also value diversity, the spirit of teamwork, and open and honest communication. We believe people are our most valuable resource.

LEADERSHIP: We value leadership as the ability to guide, direct, and influence people toward the proper course of action. Leadership implies the ability to provide purpose and motivation. Even those who do not serve in a formal leadership role can lead by example.

LOYALTY: We value loyalty as an unfailing devotion to a cause despite our personal likes, dislikes, hopes and desires. Loyalty implies faithfulness, devotion, allegiance, trustworthiness, and fidelity so that a common cause might prevail.

COMMITMENT: We value commitment to the mission of the Sheriff's Office. Commitment is the sense of responsibility to the people we serve, the law enforcement profession and the oath of our office. Commitment is kindred to loyalty and is exemplified by courage, dedication, and persistence.

COMMUNITY: We value our community and believe to be effective we must be a part of those we serve. We support efforts to enhance the quality of life in Lake County by encouraging community involvement, believing it to be a responsibility of citizenship.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We value individual and collective responsibility for our mission and core values. We believe it is our duty to be answerable for our actions both internally and externally. Accountability is achieved through relentless follow-up.