The Lake County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Enforcement Unit is committed to minimizing the number of traffic accidents and making the roadways safer for our residents and visitors. The Sheriff’s Office has adopted a three-prong approach to traffic safety:
  • Education - The LCSO Traffic Enforcement Unit participates in all state-wide sponsored traffic safety campaigns. Additionally, traffic deputies make traffic safety presentations to local civic, homeowner and business organizations.
  • Engineering - Traffic deputies contribute to this effort by recognizing areas in need of repair and making suggestions on how to improve overall traffic concerns.
  • Enforcement - Traffic deputies will enforce all state statute and local ordinances in regards to traffic movement and operation. This is the last of the three steps but the one most often observed by the public.
The Traffic Enforcement Unit will use any of the three approaches listed above in an attempt to solve the situation.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit consists of 6 full time traffic enforcement deputies that utilize specialized equipment and training to make Lake County’s roadways safer. Some of the specialized training and equipment includes the following:
  • Our unit currently has a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) that is trained to recognize impairment in drivers under the influence of drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol.
  • Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycles for enforcement and special details. Each motor deputy has completed an 80 hour police motorcycle operator’s course and trains monthly to maintain those skills.
  • Grant funded enclosed trailer with cones, signs, and barricades for DUI enforcement and other traffic enforcement needs.
  • All of our traffic deputies are currently breath test operators.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit depends on members of the community to help identify and prioritize traffic issues. Persons wishing to bring a particular situation to the Sheriff’s Office attention are encouraged to send an email to the Traffic Enforcement Unit supervisor at traffic@lcso.org.