The Special Investigations Bureau is comprised of the Sheriff's Office Narcotics/Vice Unit and the Intelligence/Homeland Security Unit. The Narcotics/Vice Unit operates in an undercover capacity to combat illicit drug activity, prostitution, alcohol and tobacco violations, gaming violations or any other matters that are sensitive in nature in our community. The mission of the Intelligence/Homeland Security Unit is to use every intelligence and law enforcement tool available to process, evaluate, collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence in reference to criminal activity. We will provide intelligence to the appropriate authorities in order to enable the Lake County Sheriff's Office to take a proactive approach in the protection of our citizens, and in the prevention of crimes.

The Special Investigations Bureau consists of twenty (20) highly trained detectives tasked to various investigative areas, to include assignments to the United States Marshal's Service Fugitive Task Force and the Unites States Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force. The Special Investigations Bureau also oversees the City/County Investigations Unit which is made up municipal narcotic investigators who are deputized and work in conjunction with Special Investigations detectives. These detectives operate on various work schedules to accommodate the demand placed upon them. They are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. The Special Investigations Bureau detectives are specially trained in the vast field of covert surveillance, which makes this bureau unique.

The Sheriff has outfitted the Special Investigations Bureau with some of the most sophisticated technical equipment of its kind in the area of law enforcement. We have the most updated and modernized equipment to conduct just about any kind of undercover operation. Our equipment ranges from audio/visual monitoring and recording devices, electronic equipment capable of receiving telecommunications and equipment utilized to conduct nighttime surveillance.

Identities of Special Investigations detectives, types of equipment utilized and tactics employed cannot be elaborated upon further to maintain safety to all parties involved.