The Lake County Sheriff's Office Mounted Patrol and Civilian Posse is a volunteer-based unit. These Volunteers work in conjunction with the Sheriff's Office Mounted Patrol Deputies. The basic purpose of the Civilian Mounted Posse is to assist the agency, when the use of horses is advantageous for functions such as: search and rescues, large events, and community functions.

The Sheriff's Mounted Unit and Civilian Posse is utilized primarily for security at large events such as high school football games, concerts, and special events that draw large crowds within Lake County. The horse actually gives the rider a better advantage due to their height to see what the officer on the ground cannot, proving useful in deterring crime. The Mounted Deputies also assist other Mounted Units in the State by helping work large events. In 2012, we were one of many agencies to assist Tampa Police Department's Mounted Unit at the Republican National Convention held in Tampa. We are also requested by them annually to assist with such events as the Gasparilla Day Parade and Night Parade.

The Mounted Patrol and Civilian Volunteer Posse consist of two sworn deputies and their horses and 15 Civilian Volunteers and their horses. These Deputies and Volunteers perform various types of patrols, civic functions and searches for missing persons and/or criminals attend monthly meetings and trainings.

In the event of a major emergency, natural disaster or any other critical event, the Mounted Patrol and Civilian Volunteer Posse stands ready to be activated to handle or assist in whatever the Sheriff's Office deems necessary. What is most important to remember about the unfailing devotion to service is that while helping others in need they themselves dedicate countless hours in training and improvement. This certainly speaks to their drive and dedication to serving without hesitation.