The responsibilities of the HR Department include the following:
  • Maintain all applicant's files, either in the form of hard copies or via computer input.
  • Maintain all active employee fields, both personal and medical, as well as terminated employee files. In-processing of all new employees, which includes, but is not limited to, information generated to the Finance Department, the Division of Retirement, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and all other pertinent insurance companies.
  • Explain all group health insurance benefits and work in conjunction with the employee, the health care providers and the insurance company to insure the proper processing of claims, for both full-time employees and retirees. Work with the consulting firm in the yearly process of insurance contract renewal.
  • Manage all workers' compensation claims and act as a liaison between the employee, the health care provider and workers' compensation.
  • Maintain information relating to the Sheriff's Office vehicle insurance, handle all vehicle accidents and act as a liaison between the insurance company and their adjuster, the individuals involved in the accident, and the Sheriff's Office maintenance shop.
  • Maintain information relating to the Sheriff's Office Content Insurance; submit and follow through on all claims and provide updated records on a yearly basis for renewal. Maintain records and secure insurance for the Sheriff's office K-9 animals. Secure insurance for the Aircraft and report any claims.
  • Prepare answers to all Unemployment Compensation Claims and follow through the claim to completion which may include working directly with the Sheriff's Office legal counsel when appeals have been filed.
  • Assist in the preparation of documentation answering any EEOC or Florida Commission on Human Relations discrimination complaints and work directly with the Sheriff's Office labor law attorney.
  • Respond to all past employment questionnaires. Discuss hiring procedures with prospective employees, both via the telephone and via letter communication. Meet with individuals offering optional group insurance benefits to the Sheriff's Office. Answer surveys. Do miscellaneous typing for members of the staff and employees when requested to do so.