Criminal Investigations along with Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) make up the Lake County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB). There are 21 detectives, 2 sergeants, 2 corporals and 1 lieutenant assigned to the CIB. Detectives are organized into two categories, Major Crimes and General Crimes.

Major Crimes consist of 9 detectives, 1 sergeant and 1 corporal. These detectives are further divided into 2 specialized units. The Violent Crimes Unit conducts all death investigations to include murder. They investigate all robberies, felonious assaults, batteries, stalking and other types of crimes involving violence or threats of violence. Our Special Victims Unit investigates sexually related crimes against adults and children. In addition, SVU investigates child and elderly abuse.

General Crimes consist of 12 detectives, 1 sergeant and 1 corporal. These detectives are also divided into 2 specialized units. The Property Crimes Unit investigates all residential and business burglaries as well as all felony-level thefts (including auto and boat thefts). There are Property Crimes detectives stationed at the South Lake District Office in Clermont and the Villages Sub-Station in Lady Lake to better serve the citizens of Lake County. Our Economic Crimes Unit investigates one of the fastest growing crime trends facing the nation; fraud and identity theft.

In addition to the above-described units, CIB conducts Polygraph examinations for both our own and outside agency investigators. CIB has its own Forensic Artist program. By interviewing victims and witnesses, skilled forensic artists are able to create composite images of unknown suspects.

Crime Victims Assistance Program: offers assistance, support, and guidance to witnesses and victims of crimes.