Lake County Sheriff\

Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell

The Court Services Bureau provides building security for the Lake County Judicial Center. There are 23 Deputies, 2 civilian control room operators, and 12 contracted armed security officers assigned to this bureau. Court Services also has a team of 8 Sheriff's Office volunteers that provide an invaluable service, assisting deputies with a variety of tasks. Although all Deputies are responsible for court security, this actually entails several different functions.

At the public entrance, deputies utilize an x-ray machine and a walk through magnetometer, which are both used to scan for weapons and other contraband. Last year we had over 250,000 people enter the security checkpoint. Court Services Deputies are responsible for the safety and security of all visiting public and civilian employees.

Security is provided for other county departments within the Judicial Center, such as the State Attorney's Office, the Clerk of Courts, and a variety of support personnel. We provide security for the Public Defender's Office which is adjacent to the Judicial Center. We also provide security for 8 Circuit Judges, 3 County Judges, 1 Magistrate, 1 Child Support Hearing Officer, 1 Civil Traffic Hearing Officer and several visiting Senior Judges. This also includes security for jurors and witnesses, whether in the courtroom or chambers.

On a daily basis, we transport inmates to and from the county jail for court. The Courthouse has 38 holding cells with a capacity of approximately 315 inmates on a temporary basis for court proceedings. We transported a total of 4,144 inmates in 2014. The Control Room Operators, Inmate Holding Deputies and security staff are responsible for all inmate movement and security in these areas. We place the highest priority on officer safety as well as inmate care, custody and control while in the courthouse.

Court Service Deputies also respond to law enforcement calls for service within the courthouse. Deputies make warrant arrests, serve injunctions, provide security escorts, handle disturbances that may arise during family court, child support, divorce and injunction hearings, and high profile trials. Court Services Deputies made 454 arrests from court proceedings and warrants in 2014.