Lake County Sheriff\

Sheriff Peyton C. Grinnell

SafetyNet is a commercial product which is designed to locate persons who may wander, such as those who have Alzheimers, Autism, Downs Syndrome, and head injury. The client wears a bracelet which contains a transmitter that has its own frequency number. If a client does wander, equipment is utilized by trained Sheriff's Office personnel to locate them.

The wrist transmitter can be used by love ones living at home, nursing facilities, hospitals or retirement facilities.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office currently has seven SafetyNet Mobile locating systems or receivers. There are seven antennae that can be attached to vehicles as well as seven hand held antennae, one of which is used from the helicopter. This receiver can track signals transmitted from the bracelet.

The signal can be detected from five miles in the air and up to a mile on the ground. It can be difficult to track on the ground, depending on the terrain and number of buildings and their density. However, on average, a person who is wearing a SafetyNet transmitter is usually found in under 30 minutes.

The Safety Net program is offered free of charge to citizens in Lake County. The Sheriff uses donations that he receives from civic organizations and fundraising to pay for the program.

After the transmitter is received, the Lake County Sheriff's Office will take a digital photograph of the patient and record pertinent information. This information is made readily available to Sheriff's Office personnel. The receiver is also tested to insure compatibility. The frequency number is also cross-referenced with the telephone number in the 911 system.

If you are interested in participating in the SafetyNet Program you can contact the Lake County Sheriff's Office Community Engagement at 352-326-8108. You can also send an email to