The Lake County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad was created in 1999 and is accredited through the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The squad meets the requirements set forth by the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board.

It is the mission of the Bomb Squad to respond to the calls for assistance involving suspicious packages, articles or anything deemed as a hazardous item. Our fundamental priority is the preservation of life, then property. The Bomb Squad's primary duties include:
  • Render safe and / or removal of suspected improvised explosives, incendiary devices, industrial explosives, pyrotechnics, and ammunition
  • Provide support to special operations
  • Conducting post-blast investigation
  • Provide educational support to other Sheriff's Office Units, Police Departments, Fire Departments and the public

The Bomb Squad consists of a Commander and 6 members divided into two teams, and are supported by an Explosive Detection K9 team and a Medic. All are highly trained and ready to serve the public with professionalism and integrity.

Prior to becoming a Certified Bomb Squad Technician, members are required to receive certification as a Hazmat Technician. This provides the ability to work in hazardous conditions such as Chemical, Biological and Radiological environments when an explosive device may have been used.