The Agricultural Crimes Unit patrols all of the agricultural areas, along with any other type of land that the Road Patrol Deputies cannot routinely patrol.  These Deputies respond to all routine and emergency calls within these areas including agricultural related crimes involving the citrus industry, nurseries, livestock, environmental related complaints, regardless of whether they are criminal or civil in nature. 

Complaints can range from illegal dump sites, toxic chemical and waste hazards to thefts of livestock and animals at large issues. They work closely with the Lake County Animal Control Services on livestock and animal related issues. These Deputies are the liaisons between the agricultural community and the Sheriff’s Office.  Agricultural Unit Deputies also respond with the Marine Unit to all emergencies throughout the county due to natural disasters or critical events

The Marine Unit is a specialized unit that has a unique job responsibility in the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. The Marine Unit handles various boating complaints, boating crash incidents, and assist lost boaters on the waterways in Lake County. The Marine Unit is involved in Boater’s Safety Classes, Vessel Inspections, Marina Inspections, Navigational Hazards and Enforcement of Florida’s Boating Laws on a daily basis. The Sheriff  of Lake County along with The Lake County Water Authority have an excellent working relationship. Two of the Marine Deputies are assigned as liaisons between The Water Authority and the Sheriff's Office on issues related to the waterways of Lake County.

The Marine Unit also assists  in missing / lost persons cases  in areas where the Road Patrol Units are unable to provide assistance due to the terrain. It is at that time that the specialized equipment such as ATV’s, airboats and four wheel drive vehicles of the Marine Unit are necessary. The Marine Deputies are also utilized in other incidents such as natural disasters where the preservation of life and property takes  precedence.

The Marine Unit frequently Investigates thefts of boats, boating equipment, burglaries to boat docks and boat houses on the waterways of Lake County.